Fidget kits

Up until the age of 6, children experience a period of brain growth that is more rapid than at any other stage of life, and as the brain develops, it is constantly craving stimulation. For some children, the levels of stimulation in their normal day to day life is insufficient for their particular needs and in this scenario, the child is likely to seek further simulation by fidgeting. Stress and anxiety can also cause fidgeting and this is prevalent when children find themselves in a new or unfamiliar surroundings such as when they first start nursery or school.

Research has demonstrated that it is better for parents and educators to work with the fidget than against it, and this can be achieved by providing the child with extra stimulation which will distract them from their normal fidget behaviour. Providing an activity which the child finds interesting and stimulating but doesn’t necessarily need their full attention can actually help focus on other tasks and situations.

To this end, FunAbility provide a wide range of fidget toys which are designed specifically for children, brightly coloured and appropriately sized for small hands. In general, the toys encourage an emphasis on pulling, squashing or spinning – fairly non-specific actions that can prevent distracting or damaging other fidgets taking place.

FunAbility are ready to ship your selection of fidget toy packs anywhere in Australia and normally dispatch orders within 2 days. With our price match policy and flexible means of payment you won’t find a better option.

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