Fidget-Pea Popper /Squeeze bean

Fidgeting is a normal part of growing up for many young children but may also often experienced by adults and normally occurs in situations of stress, anxiety or discomfort. In some cases, a fidget can be discreet and causes no problem or disadvantage to the perpetrator or those around them, but there are many occasions when a fidget can manifest itself in a damaging or distracting manner.

For children this could be tapping or drumming of fingers, foot tapping, rocking in a chair, pencil chewing or nail biting. A proven strategy for dealing with this type of undesirable fidgeting is to provide an alternative behaviour which has no disruptive or harmful manifestations. There are many types of fidget tools and toys that can assist with this, and one of the most popular is the Pea Popper.

Although brightly coloured to resemble a pea pod, the Pea Popper is small and silent so can be used in a fun yet inconspicuous manner. A light application of pressure to the pod causes the three peas within to pop out – a release of pressure results in the peas to return to the pod. Suitable for children and adults alike, for use in the classroom, office or when travelling, the Pea Popper is durable and resistant and can easily be attached to keys, mobile phones, watch straps and backpacks.

Available from FunAbility individually or in packs of 3, the Pea Popper is a valuable asset when coping with troublesome fidgets. Order yours today!

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