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Signs You Might Need A Backrest For Bed

Getting a backrest for your bed can help with several different things, from sleep hygiene and independent living to posture and general comfort. Whether you’re wanting to use it as a disability aid or simply to read in bed without craning your neck, a bed backrest can benefit pretty much anyone. There are many signs that a bed backrest could improve your sleep and overall wellbeing, including discomfort in bed, breathing issues while trying to sleep, snoring, and insomnia. If you’ve noticed that you’re tired throughout the day, suffering from back pain or bad posture, or you’re struggling to get enough sleep, a backrest for your bed could help. We have a range of different options for you to choose from, so whatever issues you’re looking to relieve, you’ll find what you need with Fun Ability.

The Benefits Of A Comfortable, Adjustable Bed Backrest

If you’re wondering whether an adjustable bed backrest would improve bedtime for you or your loved one, Fun Ability can help you decide! We have put together a list of some of the most common reasons people purchase a backrest for bed and the benefits it can bring. Find out if a bed backrest can improve your situation and choose the perfect type for your needs with Fun Ability! These backrests can help people in all kinds of different situations, such as:
  •  Aiding recovery from injury or respiratory illnesses
  • Helping breastfeeding parents find a comfortable feeding position in bed
  • Making sleep easier for people with sleep apnea by taking the weight off their chests
  • Preventing snoring by offering a more upright sleeping position
  •  Relieving back pain caused by bad posture or uncomfortable sleeping habits
  • Helping with conditions such as insomnia, acid reflux, and poor blood circulation
  • Alleviate symptoms associated with nervous system problems
  • Letting people with disabilities live more independently by helping them sit up to eat, drink, read, and watch TV

Do You Need A Backrest For Bed?

If you need to buy an adjustable backrest for your bed, Fun Ability has got you covered! We have an extensive range for you to choose from, all with unique functions and designs to help you find the best backrest for your situation. Enjoy the benefits of an easily adjustable backrest, perfect to use on any single, double, king, or queen-sized bed without disturbing your partner’s sleep with our Deluxe Bed Backrest. Keep things familiar with fitted sheet options in beige or white, or opt for more protection and keep things comfortable with a medical waterproof cover. Make living more independently a breeze with our Premium Lift Over Bed Table, ideal for anyone needing assistance with reading, eating, or drinking. Whatever you need a bed backrest for, Fun Ability can help.