Movement develops neuropathways Neuropathways are directly related to experiences. Therefore, the more sensory experiences a child has, the faster the transmission will occur. Movement develops base patterns Base patterns determine how we process and react to incoming information. Movement opportunities will balance base patterns and make sensory activities a positive experience. In turn, this will help students organize, sort, and integrate information they receive during the school day. Movement helps with working memory You can use movement to help students anchor their thoughts. Research shows kinesthetic activities are powerful in the classroom in aiding student understanding. Movement helps us use both sides of our brains.

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A Year Of Mini-Moves For The In-Sync Child


Balance Rocker Board Round


Body Sock/ Sensory Sack Button Style


Bosu Ball


Calming Cloud Chair


Ezyroller Drifter Pro X


Ezyroller Hoop Black


Ezyroller Pro X Black


Flash Cards- Body Parts


Foam Shape Play set


Mini Bungee Trampoline


Move About Activity Cards