The EzyRoller is a cleverly designed toy that’s crazily simple to ride. Its not a bike , a scooter or a go kart . it is on its own and gives hours of fun

In seconds you’re away – sweeping and swerving, carving gracefully up and down the asphalt. Sitting low to the ground with hands free, it’s a riding experience like no other.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Ezyroller

Unlike any other mobility toy you may have seen, the Ezyroller is cleverly designed to make riding a breeze, providing hours of fun for children of all ages. It is driven by pushing one leg at a time onto the front bar in a simple left/right movement, moving in the same way as a snake on land or a fish through water. The effortless control that this unique toy offers creates a safe and smooth experience, allowing children to have fun while also building their confidence, motor skills, and lower body strength. At Fun Ability, we have a variety of options for you to choose from, including the Ezyroller Drifter Pro, the Ezyroller Mini, and the Ezyroller classic. Across Australia, this toy has proven to be the ultimate outdoor activity, providing endless entertainment for anyone looking to make the most of the sun.

Is It A Bike? Is It A Scooter? What Is The Ezyroller?

The Ezyroller combines the control of bikes, the ease of scooters, and the fun of go-karts to create the perfect hybrid. It is as thrilling as it is safe, allowing children of all ages to carve a graceful path along the asphalt and creating a riding experience like no other. They can perform sweeping manoeuvres and make seamless turns while staying low to the ground and maintaining complete control, giving them a new level of safety and confidence.

How To Stay Safe On The Ezyroller

While the Ezyroller allows for more balance and control than some other mobile toys, there are still certain precautions that should be followed to ensure the utmost safety. Firstly, direct parent supervision is required at all times while using the Ezyroller to make sure all safety measures are being properly followed. Adults should also help during initial assembly, as the box contains small parts that, prior to assembly, can present a choking hazard to children under 3. These parts and packaging should be kept out of reach of children. A helmet should also be worn at all times while riding the Ezyroller, along with other protective equipment (such as elbows and knee pads) to keep your child protected from any possible falls. Fingers and body parts should be kept out of the way when folding and adjusting the size of the Ezyroller. While operating the Ezyroller, all hands, fingers, clothes, and hair should be kept away from the wheels. Most importantly, the Ezyroller should never be used around any cars or areas with traffic. They should also be kept away from any vicinity with hills, steps, or pools. To ensure safety, it should be used in areas that are free of any traffic or obstacles that impair vision. Following these safety instructions will ensure your child has the most fun in the safest way possible while using their Ezyroller.

Taking Care Of Your Ezyroller

Caring for your Ezyroller largely relies on making sure it is driven in the conditions and terrain it was designed for. It should only be driven on surfaces that are clean, dry, and flat to avoid any excessive wear and tear or unnecessary damage. The Ezyroller is not designed to be used on slopes and the brake is not made to stop motion at high speeds. Using it on a hill and pulling the brake could result in damage to the structure and the wheels of the toy, making it unfit for use.

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