A fidget is a small object (preferably one that fits in the child’s hand), that can be squeezed, pulled, or moved around as a child is sitting and listening e.g. at group times, listening to a story or waiting for a turn during a small group game

Anxious fidgeting occurs because the body has elevated levels of stress hormones, which are prepping your muscles for sudden exertion. … Boredom fidgeting such as drumming your fingers or pen spinning gives your brain something to focus on. This is soothing and reduces the amount of other, less directed, fidgeting.

please be aware that fidgets are Not toys, but useful tools than can aid in anxiety relief and concentration. Fidgets are not indestructible and for this reason we can not issue a refund on these items due to misuse or general wear and tear or breakage by the user

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“Slinky” Rainbow Spring Toy


3D Cube Puzzle Maze Toy


Abacus Wooden/Metal




Anxiety Rings


Balloon Helicopter








Bouncing Rainbow Putty


Bubble Sensory Fidget Bracelet


Bubble Training Board


The Science Behind Fidget Toys

Despite receiving the same “fidget toys”, it should be noted that these handy little objects are not toys, but rather useful tools that aid with fidgeting and stimulation. Fidgeting can occur in both adults and children for many different reasons. Whether they’re used to regulate self-stimulating behaviours associated with ADHD and autism, or as a self-soothing aid to reduce anxiety, fidget toys can be extremely beneficial. They give your brain something to focus on, providing stimulation and easing feelings of boredom or stress. In turn, this allows you to ground yourself and focus on the here and now.

What Are Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys come in many shapes and forms, from the classic fidget spinner to the sought-after fidget popper. At Fun Ability, we understand that everyone’s sensory needs are different, so we have compiled a varied list of different fidget toys and sensory aids to help adults and children alike. However you prefer to engage your senses and maintain your focus, we are sure to have the perfect solution for you. Keep your hands busy with our Resistance Band StretchersFidget Pads, or Pop Spinning Cubes. Engage your mind with puzzles such as our Mini Snake Cubes Puzzle and our 3D Cube Puzzle Maze Toy. You can even keep your pencils and pens free of bite marks with our Keychain Whistle and our Bite Stopper Pencil Toppers. Whatever way you stimulate your mind and your senses, Fun Ability’s range of fidget toys can help!

Why Are Fidget Toys Such A Helpful Sensory Toy?

To understand why fidget toys are such useful sensory aids, we must first look at how most people fidget and why. Usually, people fidget when they are bored, unfocused, or when they need to regulate their sensory input. People commonly fidget with their hands, mouth, or feet, engaging in actions like knuckle cracking, desk tapping, chewing gum, and leg bouncing. However, fidgeting can also include full-body activities such as rocking or spinning on a chair and pacing back and forth. Without fidget toys to aid these behaviours, they can quickly become distracting and may attract unwanted attention. In some cases, such as nail biting, hair pulling, and scratching, fidgeting and sensory regulation can even become harmful. Fidget toys can help by providing another outlet, giving people the physical and mental stimulation they need without causing unwanted distractions or harm.

The Perfect Fidget Toys For All Ages

At Fun Ability, we understand that fidgeting and sensory regulation is seen in people of all ages. Whether it’s toddlers attending preschool or adults in the workforce, fidget toys can be wonderful sensory aids for anyone who fidgets to engage their senses and stimulate their mind. That’s why our range of fidget toys features different tools and gadgets for everyone. From our Frog Maze Wooden Puzzle to our Stick Shifting Gearbox Keychain, our vast collection of fidget toys are perfect for every age, whether you’re six or sixty!

If You’re Looking For Fidget Toys In Australia, Browse The Range At Fun Ability

If you’re looking for a way to ease sensory issues, anxiety, or stress, fidget toys can be the perfect solution, and Fun Ability has an incredible range to choose from! We’re passionate about ensuring everyone is as fulfilled as possible as they play, live, and learn. That’s why we created a range of toys, sensory aids, and educational products ideal for children with autism, anxiety, sensory processing disorders, and differentiated needs. The Fun Ability team understand the physical, cognitive, and social benefits of play-based learning. As a registered NDIS provider, we supply a range of different aids and toys to suit your child’s needs, including interesting games, squishy fidget toys, mindful puzzles, and more. Stimulate your senses and engage your mind and head to Fun Ability to browse our complete range of sensory fidget toys today!