Weighted toys -Sammie Sloth

Weighted toys are regarded to be highly effective tools for helping restless children settle down quickly and for longer periods. Appealing to a child’s senses and in particular providing Deep Touch Pressure Therapy (DPT), holding and cuddling a weighted toy helps a child relax and rest. This is achieved as the action triggers a neurological response which activates the child’s parasympathetic nervous system which in turn slows down the heartbeat and breathing and helps to relax muscles.  Dopamine, sometimes referred to as the happy hormone, is released and there is usually a response which includes increased calmness, feelings of happiness and a higher level of focus and a general improvement in the mood of your child.

And of course, children have played and interacted with cuddly or soft toys for centuries and there are associated benefits with this type of play with simple soft toys also. However, weighted soft toys offer additional hidden benefits, in terms of helping to develop strength and enhance fine motor skills which are fundamental to a child’s ongoing growth and progress.

At Funability, we supply Sammy, the Weighted Sloth who is a super cuddly, cute soft toy that will immediately appeal to all children and can bring relief to a range of disorders including ADD, ADHAD, Restless Leg Syndrome and Autism. Sammy is the ideal size for young children (but not suitable for under 3’s) and comes supplied in his own carry bag; accessories such as nappies for Sammy can be ordered separately.

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